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[Sticky] SGA Staff Positions open

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SGA has the following staff positions open for those who wish to contribute to the administration and development of this community. 

Event Administrators

Event Administrators create, monitor, and mange events hosted on SGA. They can create events or administer event requests submitted by SGA member organisations on their behalf on the site. 

News Writers

News Writers write articles of the Galactic News Network with news from Grand Arena, the game Developers, the Star Wars Squadrons community and from time to time general Star Wars news. They conduct interviews with community members and leaders and bring them to the SGA members and readers. 

Content Managers

Content Managers produce and add content to the SGA website and Discord. For example, they add content to the Starfighter Academy and the Grand Library, such as useful guides, links, and videos. 

If you are interested in any of these staff positions, please contact me through Forum Private Message, Website Private Message or Discord private message.