SWS Grand Arena is a community dedicated to competitive play for Star Wars Squadrons. SGA’s primary feature is the hosting of permanent and seasonal Ladders of various formats (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 dogfights and Fleet Battles) as well as Tournaments and Scrimmages. We also offer a Training Academy and an Instructional Content Library to help new as well as experienced pilots develop their skills in the game.

The SGA offers a fully featured website and a Discord Server (Click to Join) with Voice Channels to meet up with your Team or interact with others and find matches. The website features:

– Groups for Clubs and Organisations with ability to create sub-groups for their divisions
– Competitive Teams to participate in Ladders and Tournaments
– Forums
– An instructional knowledge base with articles, links and videos and member uploaded documents and guides.
– Competitive event and Star Wars Squadrons News
– Ladders, Tournaments and Gaming Events with ability to track ELO, ratings, standings, match scores, and player stats.
– Player/Member profiles, Private Messaging, Private Group Messaging, Group Pages, Group Forums