The Grand Arena Dogfighting Champions League (DCL) is a an open-registration, open-ended yearly League with blind or direct challenge match-making. It’s mission is to provide Ranked gameplay for the dogfight mode in Star Wars Squadrons as the game does not currently offer such a mode. The core feature of the DCL is the open-ended nature of the ladders and the multiple formats (1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5). The Ladders are opened at the beginning of each calendar year and closed by the end of it. A new Ladder is then opened for the following year.

Although the Open Ladders are the core feature of the DCL, Grand Arena is planning also on hosting seasonal and year-end invitational tournaments where the top teams and players from the Ladders are invited for seasonal and yearly grand final tournaments to crown the Dogfighting Champions of the Season and of the Year.

For any questions, help with registration, disputes or bugs please post on the #ranked-questions channel of the Grand Arena Discord Server and an Event Administrator will respond. Grand Arena Discord Server. 

League Name: Grand Arena Dogfighting Champions League
Start: January 9th, 2020
End: December 31st, 2021
Format: 1v1 Dogfight Ladder, 2v2 Dogfights Ladder, 3v3 Dogfight Ladder, 5v5 Dogfight Ladder
Participation: Open to everyone
Registration Deadline: No deadline. Open registration.

Minimum Team Size: 2 (1v1 Ladder does not require team registrations)
Maximum Team Size: 10
Player Team Membership Restrictions: Participants may only be a member of a single team for each Ladder that they participate on. If a Team A participates on multiple ladders, a player from Team A may not join other teams on those Ladders. If a Team A does not sign up for a particular Ladder or Tournament, then a member of Team A can join Team B and participate as part of Team B on that Ladder or Tournament. Under no circumstances should a Player who is both in Team A and B be a member of both teams if both Team A and Team B are competitors on any given Ladder or Tournament.

Exceeding Maximum Team Size: Teams rosters must meet the minimum team size in order to be eligible to be registered onto a Ladder or Tournament by the Team Captain. The system does not put physical restrictions on maximum team size. However, any teams that are caught exceeding the maximum Team Size will be first warned, and then disqualified and deleted from the Ladder/Tournament on second violation.

Team Roster Changes: For Open Ladder leagues, such as the Dogfighting Champions Leagues, Teams may make changes to rosters at any time as long as they abide by the Membership Restriction and Team Size rules described above.

Player registration:
Team registration:
Org registration:
Ladder Registration:
Discord Server:
Match Reporting:

Note, only Team Captains may register their Teams to a Ladder. 
Players may register themselves onto a Ladder if it is a solo Ladder (1v1)

Game: Star Wars Squadrons
Game Mode: Custom
Kill limit: 30 (5v5) , 20 (3v3) , 15 (2v2), 10 (1v1)
Time limit (min): 30 (5v5), 20 (3v3), 15 (2v2), 10 (1v1)
Restrictions: None
Match Structure: A single “match” is composed of two halves. Teams play once as Imperial Faction, and once as New Republic Faction. Both halves must be played prior to reporting the final match score.

Scoring: Add up the total team kills from both Imperial and New Republic half-matches. Team with higher number of kills wins.
Match Results Reporting: A player from either the winning or losing team needs to report the match results here When reporting the match, please ensure to select which team members from the team participated in the match.
Match score screenshot submissions: Upload to #match-reports as well as on the website when reporting the match score. Screenshot of both halves of the match need to be attached when reporting the score. If the system allows only one file to be uploaded, combine the two image files (you can use Microsoft Paint or similar program) and upload as a single image. Alternatively, you can place the screenshots side by side and take a screenshot to show them combined.

Players may choose one of the following ways to arrange for matches:
1. Create a Voice Channel using the Voice Channel Naming Convention under the “Ranked Games” section of the Grand Arena DIscord server. Post in #ranked-lfg channel to let other players know you are looking for a ranked match.
2. Pre-arrange a set time and date to arrange matches with opponents by Private messaging or on the #ranked-lfg channel.
3. Monitor the #calendar channel on the Grand Arena Discord Server for times and days for ranked gameplay.
4. Create a blind challenge on the website with proposed time and date (note, when rank-restricted match-making goes into effect, you may accept blind challenges against opponents that fall within the specified ranks that you are allowed to match against)
5. Create a direct challenge on the website with proposed time and date (note, when rank-restricted match-making goes into effect, you may only challenge or accept a challenge from opponents that fall within the specified ranks that you are allowed to match against)

In the DCL, everyone starts with a 1600 rating and there are inititially no restrictions on match-making. This means, you may compete against any opponent of any rank. As the number of participants grows on the Ladder, the Event Administrators may at a future date announce and enact match-making restrictions.

These restrictions will ensure that players are matches against opponents of similar ranking. Enactment of matchmaking restrictions will be at the discretion of the Event Admins based on number of participants and feedback from participants.

Voice Channel naming convention:
“1v1 DCL Player Rank”
“2v2 DCL Team Rank”
“3v3 DCL Team Rank”
“5v5 DCL Team Rank”

The Grand Arena DCL ranks Solo Ladder players based on individual player ratings, and Team Ladders based on Team ratings.
Initially, there will be no Rank Titles assigned to any rating ranges. After the Ladders are established, the following ranks will be established for specific rating ranges.

Galactic Legend
Grand Master

Each year, the Dogfighting Champions Leagues culminate in 4 Seasonal and one Grand Final Tournament. The top ranking players (Solo Ladder) and teams (Team Ladders) will be invited to the Seasonal and Grand Champions Tournaments.

There will be 4 Seasonal Champions Tournaments (SCT) and one Grand Champions Tournament (GCT). The Seasonal Champions Tournaments will be Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

The top Teams from the Seasonal Tournaments will be eligible for the Grand Championship at year end.

The winning teams and players for each Ladder will be crowned as the Grand Arena Dogfighting Champions.